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Who is Kai D. Patterson?


Kai Paterson is a software engineer and entrepreneur, who is responsible for many revolutionary innovations that were ahead of their time.  Mr. Patterson received his bachelor degree in mathematics from Hampton University, with minors in computer science, physics and a concentration in aerospace science.

Kai Patterson formerly served as a Senior Software Engineer, Technical Director, Development Group Coordinator and Programmer/Analyst, at AT&T/Bell Labs, ITT and NASA. Mr. Patterson's experience involves the design through the implementation of software, databases, communications systems, telephone fraud detection systems, aerospace applications, football analysis applications, and the Unix Operating System Kernel.

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Kai Patterson also served in the United States Marine Corps, and was commissioned officer at the rank of lieutenant.  Lieutenant Patterson was Student Naval Aviator and Platoon Commander and received an honorable discharge.

The First Child Support Weekly Talk Show: by Kai Patterson

Custodial Support Forum - Weekly Talk Show: Kai Patterson created the America's first weekly television and internet talk show that exclusively deals with issues related to child support, as well as provides solutions to child support problems.  The Custodial Support Forum is a weekly television workshop that helps custodial parents and noncustodial parents with problems faced with collecting, as well as paying child support.

The Custodial Support Forum was created to educate custodial parents owed child support, and provide noncustodial parents with the resources available to resolve their issues. Each episode of the Custodial Support Forum tackles one of the many problems that has enabled the more than 37.5 million custodial parents to not receive adequate child support, and more than $100 billion owed in child support arrears.


Kai Patterson is the Founder, Host & Executive Producer of the Custodial Support Forum.

Kai Patterson's Weekly Talk Show

Other Notable Inventions and Firsts by Kai Patterson

Project Child Support: The first comprehensive child support initiative that provides investigative, legal, collection and apprehension services to reduce the over $100 billion in unpaid child support in America.

Bounty Alert: The first fugitive recovery system that provides investigative services, disseminates fugitive's mobile phone alert profiles to the general public, and provides services to apprehend individuals with felony, failure to appear and  child support warrants.

AMBER Ready: The first mobile phone child safety application to enable parents to create and store their children's missing profiles in parent's wireless phones, and transmit them to police, to significantly reduce the time initiate an AMBER Alert.

Real-T-Tech:  The first real estate virtual touring application to create a virtual open house to allow computer users to visit a property online, which was purchased by Prudential Real Estate. 

Game Prep:  The NFL's first professional football game analysis system that integrated statistics, diagrams, video and coaches notes for game plans, scouting reports and playbooks.

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Notable Developments by Kai Patterson

LSA:  AT&T's calling card, bill to third party, collect and cellular phone fraud detection system, to reduce the more than $16 billion in telephone fraud.

MDSS: AT&T's public payphone management system for commissions that used the first relational database, and integrated several public payphone account system, which was the largest Oracle database in 1991, as described in Oracle's annual report.

CAMS: AT&T Calling Card Management System that managed customer account information for the AT&T Universal Card, which was the first calling card and credit card combined.

KOS: AT&T Bell Laboratories' Kernel Operating System for the YF/23 Advanced Tactical Fighter, which was developed by McDonald Douglas and Northrop.  KOS was a version of the Unix Operating System that managed each subsystem within the entire aircraft.

ULCS: ITT's Unit Level Circuit Switch for the United States Marine Corps, which is also called the AN/TTC-42 and the first military communications system that integrated combat field radios systems with the  Autovon Routing System, NATO Routing System, and all public phone systems.

Wake Attenuation Program: NASA's aerodynamic research program to develop aircrafts that produce less air turbulence, to reduce the risk of trailing aircraft accidents and control risks.

Wind Tunnel Research Program: NASA's aerodynamic research program to test the flight characteristics for the space shuttle, in addition to military, commercial and civilian aircrafts.

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