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Kai Patterson's Missing Child Safety Program

Kai Paterson created the missing child alert and recovery program, known as the AMBER Ready Program after his secretary's son was abducted.  Kai Patterson had also escaped being abducted at the age of 9, while growing up in Newark, New Jersey.

When Kai Patterson's technology company was contracted with the National Football League to produce a version of his Game Prep software for fines and penalties, Kai Patterson's secretary son was abducted by her estranged husband.  Patterson was in the process of developing a talent casting network that enabled actor's profiles to be disseminated through a casing network.  Kai Patterson's talent casting application was called Star*Book, and created an actor's profile from the actors data and e-mailed it to studios that would subscribe to the Star*Book network.

When Kai Patterson learned that his secretary son's information and photograph needed to be made into a missing child poster, which would take days by the police department to make and disseminate to the public and other law enforcement agencies, Kai Patterson quickly copied a portion of the Star*Book application and made a missing child poster.

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Unaware that her son had been abducted by her husband, Kai Patterson's secretary used the internet to find several police department's e-mail addresses and sent her son's profile to police using a modified version of the Star*Book application that Kai Patterson had created.  Suspicious that his secretary might not have received the full effort by the police department handing the missing child incident, Kai Patterson contacted his step father, who was a Captain of the Newark Police Department at the time. 

In shock Kai Patterson learned there was no system in place that could instantly create a missing child poster from the child's data entered into the police database and that missing child posters were typically created manually by police or by the missing child's family members. "How do you ask a grieving parent to create their own child's missing poster", said Patterson. After learning there was no system in place to instantly create and disseminate a missing child's information, Kai Patterson began developing what later became the AMBER Ready Program.

Between 2000 and 2009, Kai Patterson worked to develop the missing child safety application, which became AMBER Ready.  After experimenting with several versions of his missing child application, and concerned the the privacy issues of storing non-missing children's information in a database, Kai Patterson determined the best location to enable parents to have their children's information was locked in their cell phone.  Since cell phones, which are also called mobile phones, also possessed the technology to store and transmit information and photographs anywhere, Kai Patterson developed the application and called it "AMBER Ready". 

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Kai Patterson's AMBER Ready Enhancements

"Since the AMBER Ready application was created to assist the AMBER Alert Program, which had developed over the years that Kai Patterson was developing AMBER Ready, I though it was a perfect name for the program".  AMBER is an acronym for "America's Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response" and being prepared for an emergency is to be "Ready".

After creating the application, Kai Patterson spent more than 5 years trying to raise the necessary capital to implement his missing child technology and application.  Finally in 2007, Kai Patterson received the necessary funding to launch the AMBER Ready Program.  Over the next 2 years, Kai Patterson established kiosks in malls to enable parents to receive the AMBER Ready Program.  In 2008, Kai Patterson designed a newer version of the AMBER Ready Program, which enabled parents to create their children's profile in their wireless phones without the use of a computer.  The new version was called AMBER Ready II.

Police Car Printers

During the development of the AMBER Ready Program, Kai Patterson learned that when a missing child's poster is disseminated to police headquarters, officers in patrol cars don't get the posters until the next shift.  Since departments must keep officers patrolling their districts in the event of another emergency, several hours are lost getting the posters out to the general public.  Although the AMBER Alert Program enables the public to receive text message alerts in their mobile phones, the alert profiles don't contain photographs, only the license plate of a vehicle, if that information is available.  "What happens if a child is missing and you don't have any vehicle information"?

After launching AMBER Ready II in May 2009, Kai Patterson created the AMBER Ready Foundation to provide free printers to police departments throughout the country.  The AMBER Ready Foundation provided the printers, special docking station and the installation to enable departments to have a patrol car that could print several missing child flyers and disseminate them to other police officers on patrol and the general public.

Kai Patterson Leaves AMBER Ready

In 2010 Kai Patterson resigned as a Board Member of AMBER Ready, after a Board Member arranged for Kai Patterson to be wrongfully terminated in 2009 as the CEO of AMBER Ready.  Within less than ten months after Kai Patterson left AMBER Ready, the company shutdown and was unable to sustain Kai Patterson's accomplishments or dream.

Kai Patterson's Accomplishments as AMBER Ready's CEO

AMBER Ready receives wireless phone contracts from several wireless carriers to receive payment to enable parents to receive the AMBER Ready Program at no cost by renewing their wireless contract (Click Here).

AMBER Ready establishes Rockaway Headquarters to support parents of missing children with a 24-hour call center (Click Here).

AMBER Ready opens several retain locations in malls to enable parents to acquire the AMBER Ready Program and have their children receive a backup CD with their children's profile, fingerprints and provide parents with saliva DNA kits (Click Here).

AMBER Ready releases the AMBER Ready II Mobile Phone Application after partnering with Device Anywhere to test the application on more than 400 different cell phone makes and models (Click Here).

AMBER Ready receive the endorsement of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), and replaces FLEOA's ink Fingerprinting Child ID Program with the AMBER Ready Program (Click Here).

AMBER Ready receive the endorsement of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), and provides the AMBER Ready Program through NOBLE to protect children (Click Here).

Mothers of abducted and murdered daughters, AMBER Dubois and Channel Petra-Nixon endorse the AMBER Ready Program to parents across America on Capitol Hill and at the AMBER Ready Times Square Back-to-School Event (Click Here).

AMBER Ready launches AMBER Ready II in Washington, DC at the National Press Club and on Capital with the support of FLEOA, and parents of missing children (Click Here).

ABC, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and AMBER Ready promote missing children and AMBER Ready's Child Safety Programs to parents (Click Here).

The National Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) endorses AMBER Ready on its talk radio program and begins developing a program to enable schools to receive the AMBER Ready Program through their local PTAs through school fundraisers (Click Here).

PTA adds AMBER Ready on its website to enable parents to purchase the AMBER Ready Program and support the PTA (Click Here).

National PTA creates AMBER Ready Radio Program that is distributed to each school district across America (Click Here).

FLEOA trains Federal Officers on the AMBER Ready Program at its annual training seminar in Orlando, Florida (No Hyperlink).

AMBER Ready hosts and sponsors child safety day with the Morris County Prosecutors Office and (NOBLE) National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (Click Here).

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) agree to market and sell the AMBER Ready Program through each local MADD chapter and promote the program to mothers across America (No Hyperlink).

AMBER Ready kicks off a tour that gains the support of police departments throughout the country to promote and use the AMBER Ready Program within their departments (Click Here).

AMBER Ready host a Back-to-School Times Square Event and films the performances for a telethon to promote child safety of Robin Thicke, Ciara, Cicely Tyson, Reven Symone, Sean Kingston, Doug E. Fresh, Trey Songs, Day 26, Brutha 2 Brutha and ABC's Robin Roberts (Click Here).

The New York City Housing Authority Agrees to Purchase 30,000 AMBER Ready Program for New York residents for $1,500,000 at the Times Square Event (Click Here).

AMBER Ready host police training program at the 21st National Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas, Texas, which is attended by several federal agents (Click Here).

Norfolk, Virginia PTA provides 125 PTA Presidents with the AMBER Ready Program to sell to parents as a school fundraiser (No Hyperlink).

AMBER Ready II Launch

 PTA Convention in Miami

 NOBLE Convention

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