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World's First Real Estate Virtual Touring Application


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Kai Paterson founded KDP Digital Systems, Inc. and developed the world's first virtual touring application, while waiting for the NFL to approve the purchase of his professional football game analysis system know as "Game Prep".

After presenting his Game Prep to the NFL at the Annual Owners and Coaches Meeting in Orlando, Florida in 1994, Kai Patterson learned the NFL Competition Committee required his application to be reviewed to determine if it provided a team an unfair advantage. 

Knowing that he did not have the ability to financial maintain his company KDP Digital Systems, Inc. while the National Football League spent years analyzing his system, Kai Patterson quickly developed Real-T-Tech.

Kai Patterson used his house at the time and the house of a professional football player to demonstrate Real-T-Tech and to show his spilt screen function, which was eventually deleted for the internet versions later sold. 

The History of Real-T-Tech

Real-T-Tech was the worlds first real estate virtual touring application to create a virtual open house, by allowing computer users to visit a property online, which was purchased by Prudential Real Estate.  "One day when I was sitting in my office, I said to myself that realtors should be able to use technology to enable home buyers to view the details of a property before spending hours visiting undesirable properties" says Patterson.  "Virtual touring is what millions do everyday, but in 1995, it was unheard of".  "In fact, most realtors did not grasp or like the concept". 

When Kai Patterson first presented Real-T-Tech to Weichert, Century 21, and Remax, they all rejected his concept.  "It only took me one week to develop the first prototype of the application, but took me months to get my first realtor to agree to allow me to implement a listing".  "I remember presenting Real-T-Tech to the Garden State Multiple Listing Service in New Jersey and every realtor loved it, but the executives in each company found a reason not to purchase the program".

Kai Patterson Unveils Real-T-Tech at the Real Estate Convention

"After months of not being able to generate any income, I hired an Irish sales man by the name of Michael Cahill, who was able to acquire a contract from Prudential International Real Estate - MLBK".  Michael Cahill was an older looking gentlemen, and I looked to young for my age at the time".  "I recently learned that Michael Cahill died".  "I was told he later died of a heart attack".  "He was a heavy smoker, but he could close a deal, and believed enough in me to market my technology". 

Kai Patterson eventually modified Real-T-Tech into an internet application, after initially selling Prudential MLBK a personal computer version of the software.  Prudential purchased the software just in time for the 1995 Real Estate Convention, and Kai Patterson caught the attention of an NBC news reporter.  "NBC News covered the story when they learned that Prudential purchased the product".

"After selling the application to Prudential, I got out of the business".  "There was too much bureaucracy, and the NFL had given me a contract to produce a version of Game Prep for the League Office while the Competition Committee was reviewing use of my software for teams".  After 15 months of evaluating the software, I received a letter from the NFL Director of Football Development, telling me Game Prep had been approved (Click to See Letter).  "Today, every real estate agency uses virtual touring, and I'm sure most realtors don't know that I am responsible for the invention."

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