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Game Prep: First Football Laptop Playbook & Analysis System

Today, every NFL player, head coach, assistant coach, scout, analyst and official is given a laptop playbook when they sign a contract with their team or the League Office.  The first NFL application of a laptop playbook to integrate game video, practice video, statistical data, coaches notes, play diagrams, playbook information, game plan information and scouting reports was created by Kai D. Patterson.  Recently Microsoft paid the NFL over $400 million to provide Microsoft Computerized Playbooks, when the NFL previously paid Kai Patterson for his computerized playbook, which he invented.  See: Purchase Confirmation

First Version of Game Prep



Kai Patterson at Giants Stadium

Kai Patterson founded KDP Digital Systems, Inc. and developed the first football computer and video game analysis system called Game Prep, which was purchased by the NFL.  Game Prep was revolutionary because it enabled a professional, college or high school, to integrate their information on a desktop or server, and upload the information to laptops for coaches, players, and scouts that analyze personnel and opponents.

Game Prep enabled coaches to select any play, formation or part of a formation, by down, distance, position on the field, clock time, quarter, series or hash mark.  Game Prep enabled opposing formations, or opposing schemes to be viewed against each other and split screen video to compare both schemes at the same time.

Game Prep was developed with the assistance of several NFL Players, NFL Coaches and League Executives.  Game Prep was ahead of its time, before modern day coaches became computer savvy and enabled all functions to also be executed with 5 keys for simplicity.  Joe Morris, Otis Anderson, Stephen Baker and Joey Smith assisted Kai Patterson in the development of Game Prep by providing him with an in-depth understanding of the game.

"Game Prep was marketed to the NFL when most coaches, owners and players were not used to using a computer to analyze their opponents, and plays", says Kai Patterson.  "The concept was initially resisted by several teams, until the New York Giant's Director of Information Systems, Jon Berger assisted Kai Patterson by introducing Game Prep to several coaches and coordinators.  Cam Cameron, who was the quarterback coach of the Washington Redskins, was the first coach to use Game Prep and assisted in the development of its diverse coaching tools.

"I owe the success of Game Prep to several investors and people in the NFL, but I am most grateful to Gene Washington for purchasing Game Prep for the NFL League Office to analyze penalties, fines and on-field misconducts", says Patterson.  His company KDP Digital Systems, initially received requests to purchase Game Prep from NFL teams, before the NFL's Competition Committee halted the sale of the application to evaluate its fairness advantages.  Dr. Lem Burnham, who was the NFL's Director of Player Programs also endorsed Game.

"The NFL's evaluation almost bankrupted the company, until Gene Washington placed an order for the League Office that enabled Patterson to generate a sale to the NFL, while the application was being evaluated.  Less than six (6) months after receiving Game Prep, the League Office approved the sale of the application.  Patterson used Game Prep's technology to create Real-T-Tech to generate additional revenue to save KDP Digital Systems, which also led to the creation of the first virtual tour real estate application.

Special Thanks to Those Who Assisted in Game Prep's Development and Success

In addition to thanking Peter Jordan who served as the Chief Operating Officer, and Joey Smith who served as the Director of Analysis, a special thanks goes out to all of the many individuals who assisted in the implementation of Game Prep.  "I must mention that Joe Morris is one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever worked with, and was very reliable".  "I also must also give Stephen Baker credit for helping me derive the concept, and thank Otis Anderson for attending numerous presentations to market Game Prep", says Patterson.

 Gene Washington

Stephen Baker

Jon Berger

Dr. Lem Burnham

Otis Anderson

Joe Morris

Game Prep Endorsements and News Articles

Purchase Commitment:  Letter by Gene Washington to to endorse Kai Patterson's National Football League version of Game Prep to integrate video, images, and data associated fines, penalties and on-field misconducts.   In addition to the NFL receiving and approving their version of Game Prep for the league office, the NFL endorsed Kai Patterson's system to NFL teams.

Endorsement:  Letter by NFL's Director of Player Programs to endorse Kai Patterson's NFL Computerized Playbook, and Game Analysis System, which was the first system to integrate, statistics, diagrams, tendencies and video to evaluate video by "down & distance" against opponent's schemes, formations, blitzes, blitz pickups, blocking schemes, patterns, and plays.

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News Article:  Gants News Weekly article on Kai Patterson's NFL Game Analysis System called Game Prep, which was the first computerized laptop playbook system that integrated NFL videos, diagrams, pays, statistics, and characteristics.

News Articles:  USA Today article on Kai Patterson's NFL Game Analysis System called Game Prep, which was the first computer laptop system that integrated NFL videos, diagrams, plays, statistics and characteristics.

News Article:   Sporting News article on Kai Patterson's NFL Computerized Laptop System called Game Prep, which issued to the Washington Redskins.

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