Kai D. Patterson
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Kai Patterson's Accomplishments at AT&T

Kai Paterson was responsible for creating, designing and developing numerous applications, including NCOM, which is used to telecom, calling card and wireless reduce fraud, in addition to having saved AT&T $16,000,000,000 (16 Billion Dollars) per year.  To reduce the development time to implement NCOM by an entire year and save AT&T 16 billion dollars, Mr. Patterson implemented his own multiple phase commit modules to work with Oracle's version 6 database, by using UNIX - Inter Processor Communication functions with Oracle's Pro*C.

Kai Patterson's duties also included developing the AT&T Universal Card Account Management System (“CAMS”) that managed all AT&T Cards worldwide, in addition to developing Management Decision Support System called “MDSS”, which saved AT&T $136,000,000 per year in public pay telephone account tracking and management. 

After completing MDSS and CAMS, Kai Patterson's duties also included developing a line ordering, billing and fraud application for public pay phone accounts known as “LEC Matrix”, which saved AT&T $16,000,000 per year.


Kai Patterson's Accomplishments at AT&T Bell Laboratories  

Kai Patterson was responsible for designing and developing test support tools for embedded common signal processors for the YF/23 Advanced Tactical Fighter's Integrated Workstation and Operating System.  Duties included learning the Unix Operating System and creating an onboard operating system to manage all aircraft systems and subsystems simultaneously.  Kai Patterson was also responsible for the development of the Kernel Operating System (KOS) for the YF/23 Advanced Tactical Fighter, which was developed by McDonald Douglas and Northrop.  KOS was a version of the Unix Operating System that managed each subsystem within the entire aircraft.



YF-23 Video

Kai Patterson's Accomplishments at ITT DCD/Aerospace  

Kai Patterson was responsible for the developing the Geosynchronous Algorithm to manage the Thrust Positioning System for the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) at ITT.  Kai Patterson was also responsible for developing the AN/TTC-42 Defense Communication System.  The AN/TTC-42 integrates all levels of government telephone systems with military field combat command costs, military aircrafts and military field radios via satellite communications.  The system allows the US President to have a conference call with Pentagon Officials, field commanders, military pilots and field solders during a military engagement.  The first real-time application of the AN/TTC-42 was in the Gulf War.  ITT's Unit Level Circuit Switch for the United States Marine Corps, which is also called the AN/TTC-42 and the first military communications system that integrated combat field radios systems with the  Autovon Routing System, NATO Routing System, and all public phone systems.


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